Are you tired of running your vacation rental?

Not using it as much as you anticipated, and not turning a profit?

Much more work than expected and constantly having to fix things?

Receive a cash offer today

We operate vacation rentals nationwide and will provide you a cash offer to purchase your vacation rental today.

Think you can't sell because of existing bookings?

Not a problem for us. We will continue to operate your property as a vacation rental and honor any existing bookings that you have, at the agreed upon rates.

How does it work?

First of all, we are not Realtors looking to list your property for sale. We own and operate our own vacation rentals throughout the US and have built systems to advertise, fill and manage vacation rentals efficiently and profitably. We believe that we can turn any vacation rental into a success, and most importantly, this is our business with dedicated staff, not a hobby.

Many people buy a vacation home because it sounds like a good idea, but once they own it and operate it as a rental, they realize that this is much more work than expected and perhaps they are not using it as much as anticipated, or are not hosting enough guests to turn a profit.

But what to do now? In order to sell a vacation rental, you normally have to stop taking reservations so that you can sell the property to another owner without any preexisting commitments. This is not always feasible because of financial commitments (mortgages) or because you do not know how long the property will sit empty before it sells!

We are here to help: we will purchase your vacation rental for cash in its existing condition, and be ready to close when you want us to. At closing, you will provide us with a list of existing reservations, and we will honor these at the rates that you have already agreed with your guests.

So what are you waiting for? Submit the form on the right and we will contact you shortly with a cash offer to buy your property.